Welcome to the seventh version of my personal web site since 1999.

I tried to make it simple and concentrate on my work... All contents under offered links will be updated time to time, filled up or replaced with reviewed or recent work. Many artworks from previous versions of this site are sold or removed for further development.... Hopefully, they will be replaced with new / updated ones.

      Some artwork on this site is not so dark as it seems. They are just based on fantasy, myth, religion...

      All critics, suggestions or questions you can write on my e-mail address:


       Thank you.
       Alen Ajanovic

       Most popular updates and recent work:

A VISIT Radio Kameleon, click to enlarge GoodFOOD.ba Portrait of a friend Vojacha Pravopisni prirucnik Chelisimus, cartoon project, Click to enlarge Bobovac Katarina Kosacha Mr. Pumpkin, click to enlarge Goblins attack PORTRAIT

If you prefer to watch complete animation demo reel, please click the image bellow.
Animation demo reel
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